“Representatives of DuPont, joined by a silent (yet effective) business partner, held a convincing campus demonstration Tuesday of the protection offered by flame-resistant clothing. David Grislis, business development consultant, and Brian Foy, marketing development manager, brought the company’s Thermo-Man demonstration unit – a life-size mannequin covered with test attire and more than 100 heat sensors – to a parking lot west of College Avenue Labs to show how the right clothing can significantly reduce burn injury. FRCs are required to be worn in almost all oil and gas positions, and the Penn College audience included a number of industry personnel. The visit was facilitated by the Lycoming County Department of Public Safety, ShaleNet and Penn College Police.”


Presentation on theme: “GenVX Features & Benefits. Bullard’s Blast Legacy Builds Protecting workers since 1898 Inventor of the Hard Hat in 1919 Golden Gate Bridge Project Blast.”


Sara Blakely Moore; who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday; poses with great-grandson David Grislis; 10; of Rhode Island; one of the members of her family who came from all over North America for the occasion.

Southern Rhode Island Youth Hockey Association Squirt Smythe Contacts and Staff: David Grislis – HEAD COACH