David Grislis

Vice President Of Sales At OneSource IML

David Grislis works in the oil industry, specifically in the sector regarding garments and textiles. David’s role is in business development consultancy at DuPont, which means he connects clients with the distributors that best suit their needs. Part of his job requires staying constantly informed about technologies and advancements in Nomex, which is used in the manufacture of fire-retardant apparel. This clothing is especially useful for firefighters and the military, as well as anyone in an occupation that would expose them to a high-heat or flammable environment.

David Grislis is many things– a family man, a hockey fan and coach, and a working professional.


In the past, David Grislis has had much experience managing large distribution networks that have included the Northeastern U.S., Eastern Canada, and Mexico. Currently, Mr. Grislis’ job only operates in the United States (and small parts of Canada), but they may soon expand to the Middle East and Australia.

David Grislis is married and has two children, seven year old twins. He has passed on his deep love of the sport of hockey to his youngsters, and when he is not playing himself, he is serving as their coach. A native of Ontario, David Grislis has long enjoyed hockey. He currently plays in a men’s league at URI’s boss arena, and is an avid supporter of the Boston Bruins. Because they are a hockey family, a running joke between them is that hockey serves as FFF, or Forced Family Fun. But it’s all in good cheer– Davidloves how hockey not only keeps one in great physical shape, but also for how it fosters a healthy sense of competition.

Another major aspect in David Grislis’s life is his involvement in the foster care system. For him, it is a way to give back to the community by providing what so many of us take for granted– a home and a loving family that offers much needed support throughout childhood. David Grislis has been caring for a foster child for about one and a half years now, and describes it as a rewarding experience.